Welcome to ChristinaDietrich.com! 

Welcome to christinadietrich.com, from awesome AJ!
Mr. Drools a lot AJ says hi and welcome to christinadietrich.com!

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Christina Dietrich, but you can just call me Christina. This is where you will find my portfolio, work history, and blog posts. Go ahead and take a look around!

Click the links above in the menu to go to specific areas of my website. You can go to About Me, Contact Me, Blog, My Portfolio, My Skills, My Work History, My Testimonials, and even Hire Me!

More About ChristinaDietrich.com!

This website is also optimized for mobile and tablets, along with computers! Go ahead and check it out!

I also accept donations to keep this website running. Not asking for much, just a little change to help me out. That can go a long way, honestly. You can see it in my sidebar. 🙂

I have a variety of skills, from article writing to proofreading. I can also do SEO for blog posts and I do write short stories and news articles as well. Check out my about me page or visit my work website for more information!

If you look to the right of the screen on my website, you can see my latest blog posts and my twitter feed. Feel free to follow me on Twitter!

Enjoy your stay and thanks for stopping by!