Should I Be Happy About My Diabetes?

diabetes the good and the bad
My diabetes is basically gone! No more blood sugar testing unless I feel sick. I still can’t eat too many sweets though. 🙁

Is My Diabetes Finally cured?

Well my doctor’s appointment went well. She officially took me off my diabetes medicine and told me it was inactive. She said to test my blood sugar once a day until I see her at the end of next month, and we will see how I am doing. If I am good, then after that appointment I can test my blood sugar only when I feel ill. Yay!

She said my weight loss helped me immensely and to keep at it.  I also found some smaller clothes to wear that fit better than my bigger pants. They were a size 30W, and now I am around 22W. That’s a huge difference (no pun intended lol).

So that is going well! How are you all? I hope all is well.

-Originally posted on April 18th, 2019 on my new gaming blog.

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