Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Emotional and behavioral disorders in mothers
Mothers can have trouble when dealing with emotional and behavioral disorders. But they need to remember, they are not alone!

Being a mother can be a wonderful thing, but if you have an emotional and behavior disorder, it can cause problems for you. It may be difficult at times to cope with the stress mothers have to go through, but with help, it is possible to be the best mother you can be.

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

There are a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders that adults suffer from. I have ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD myself. I will just be focusing on the three most common ones in this post, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.


ADHD is described as being unable to focus (or alternatively, being hyper-focused and you can’t stop it), inability to sit still, problems concentrating, and for me, it helps exasperate my anxiety.

This is just a basis for some of the diagnoses. For me, I cannot finish things for crap. I am terrible at completing things. But with my medication, I can finally finish things again! And focus! And concentrate! And it helps my anxiety somehow. Yay!

Granted I am nowhere near cured, of course, but it does help, a lot.


Anxiety is a condition that can consist of various variables, such as social anxiety (anxiety or fear of socializing and social situations), general anxiety (you get anxiety regardless of anything), post-traumatic stress (traumatic events cause this one), and obsessive-compulsive (this is more than just constantly handwashing).

I have all of these, unfortunately. And when my anxiety skyrockets, my depression is sure to follow.


Depression is more than just sadness or a feeling. It is a chemical imbalance in your brain, that causes you to feel a lot more “sad” than “normal” non-depressed folks.

You feel so down, you cannot escape your feelings of helplessness and loneliness. Suicidal ideation and tendencies are common with depression. That is the lowest of the lows you can be from being “sad”.

Get Help

So you may have one or two emotional and behavioral disorders. But what can you do about it? Well, luckily there are a lot more options for you now than there was in the past.

You can get treated for your mental health issues and even though you are unlikely to be cured, it will be better managed. For myself, some times my medications help and other times it is on me to cope with it.

Hint: I am terrible at coping. But I do manage at times, and if I need help, I go to my therapist or have my psychiatrist adjust my medications. Yeah, medications, plural. Because I am so lucky /sarcasm to have these issues, I practically own a pharmacy.

And having fibromyalgia too does not help. JOY.

Treatment Options


You can get help! Get yourself to see a therapist and start talking. The more you talk, the more the therapist can help you. You need to open up once you are comfortable enough, and they can maybe teach you some coping skills.

Sometimes even just talking about it can help.


Medications are fun! Not. But sometimes they are essential to our wellbeings! I hate taking my meds, but I need to in order to function somewhat “normally”. If you need medications, which a psychiatrist can tell you, it may take a bit to find something that works for your condition(s).

Even some of the meds can conflict with each other, and the side effects can be nasty. So keep this in mind. But sometimes the benefits may outweigh the bad. And if you find the right medication, you will be set.

Sometimes you have to take medications to counter the side effects. You will have to think, does this medication help me enough to warrant taking Miralax for constipation? If the answer is no, try a different med.

It can be frustrating, believe me I know ALL about that. But sometimes it will take years to find the right mix, and when you finally do, you will feel relief.

However, the downside is your body will eventually get used to the medications and you have to change them to something else because they no longer work. This can takes years though, so it should not be too bad.

From experience though, it is definitely not pleasant. I have lost track of all the medications I have taken throughout my life for this stuff. It is too many, to be honest.

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