Adobe – Privacy

Adobe collects personal information for accounts and purchases of their products. So if you sign up for an Adobe ID, register through their website or contact customer support you will be sharing personal data. Adobe apps and websites also collect personal information from you.  

Personal data collected

When you register for an Adobe account or contact customer support, you share your personal information with them, such as your name, date of birth, company name (if applicable), email address, phone number, address, country, IP address, payment or billing information (which only applies to product purchases), eligibility information for educational purposes, types of apps and websites in the Adobe products you use, and customer support ticket information. In addition to this information, apps and websites through Adobe collect other information from you as well. For example: type of browser and device, website that sent you to Adobe, search terms and search engines that led you to Adobe, analysis of your content that you share through the app or website. If you sign into an Adobe app through a social media account, Adobe receives your demographic information available on your social media account.

Personal data usage

Adobe uses data to:

  • Provide Adobe apps and websites that you register to and any other products or services requested.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Take payments.
  • Send you important and marketing emails.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Research on how you use their services.
  • Better customize their apps and websites.
  • Finding and fixing any issues with their services.
  • Send surveys to help improve their products.
  • Reply to any complaints or comments you send them.
  • Protect you from fraud.
  • Comply with any legal reasons.
  • Show you ads relevant to your interests.

Cookies and similar tech

Adobe uses web beacons in emails to you that tell them if you received or opened the email and if you clicked a link in the email. They also use cookies and additional technologies on their websites, apps and emails they send out.

Adobe account

With an Adobe account you can access the apps you paid for and any trials you may sign up for on their websites. You can also contact support easily and pay for any new services if you so desire. If you have an account you can post comments, upload pictures, and submit content for others to see.

Data shared with Adobe

User ID App Information YES
Username App Information YES
Types of content you view App Information YES
Types of content you engage with App Information YES
People you are connected to App Information
IP address Device YES
Language and time zone Device YES
Browser type Device YES
Name of your mobile operator or ISP Device YES
Device locations Device YES
Device identifiers Device YES
Device settings Device YES
Hardware version Device YES
Signal strength Device
Operating system Device YES
Battery strength Device
Billing details Payment OPTIONAL
Shipping and contact details Payment OPTIONAL
Credit or debit card number Payment OPTIONAL
Gender Personal Information OPTIONAL
Name Personal Information OPTIONAL
Information provided by third-party entity Third-party YES
Message sent to you Third-party
Login time Time
Sign-up time Time
Duration of your activities Time YES
Frequency of your activities Time YES

How to protect your privacy

Aside from not signing up for an Adobe account, there are other ways to protect your privacy, for example:

  • Deactivate your Adobe account.
  • Edit your personal information that is shared.
  • Do not contact Adobe.
  • Delete any content you have shared.
  • Do not purchase any services or products through them.
  • Delete your Adobe ID by sending them an email.

How to contact Adobe about your privacy

You can fill out their contact form on their website or email them.